HUMBI 1.0: Human Multiview Behavior Imaging Dataset

HUMBI is a large corpus of high fidelity models of behavioral signals in 3D from a diverse population measured by a massive multi-camera system. With our novel design of a portable imaging system (consists of 107 HD cameras), we collect human behaviors from 164 subjects across gender, ethnicity, age, and physical condition at a public venue. Using the multiview image streams, we reconstruct high fidelity models of five elementary parts: gaze, face, hands, body, and cloth. As a byproduct, the 3D model provides geometrically consistent image annotation via 2D projection, e.g., body part segmentation. This dataset is a significant departure from the existing human datasets that suffers from subject diversity. We hope the HUMBI opens up a new opportunity for the development for behavioral imaging.

Sample Data Download

Dataset Structure

Multiview input (~65 Cameras), Gaze

Multiview input (~65 Cameras), Face Keypoint, Face Mesh

Body and Cloth
Multiview input (~100 cameras), Keypoint, Body, Hand, Cloth Top & Bottom

Multicamera system construction procedure
Time Lapse video containing all subjects